Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I apply for a rack position at Love Me Again Market?

Simply complete the online application form.

+ How much for a rack position

$30 for 1 rack position or $50 for 2 (perfect if you have a friend wanting to sell some clothes with you). You must bring your own racks.

+ How much for rack hire?

$10 per rack or $15 for 2 racks. All racks will be set up for you when you arrive and must be left when you leave. This does not include coat hangers.

+ I've applied, what next?

After applying, you'll receive an invoice via Paypal. Once this invoice has been paid your position is held for you. If the payment is not paid by the due date you will forfeit your position.

+ What can I sell?

Any designer brand clothes, shoes & accessories.

+ Am I allowed a table instead of a rack?

If you are wanting to bring a table you need to email us the dimensions of the table to make sure we can fit it in the space you have paid for. If it has not been given the go ahead by us you will be asked to remove the table on the day.

+ How much change should I have as a till?

We recommend bringing $100. Split up $5, $10 a few $20 and lots of gold coins.