Founded in 2016 by Madeline White, the Love Me Again Market is a boutique fashion market showcasing an intentionally edited lineup of designer rack sales, delicious food and beautiful flowers.

The Love Me Again Market was created to assist the people of Brisbane in recycling their unwanted vintage and designer clothing and to create a fun and unique environment for locals of Brisbane City to hang out month to month.

With the help of Mr Love Me Again & Family, Madeline was able to get the Love Me Again Market up and running within one month of brainstorming the idea. Her goal was to create a market purely for pre-loved designer and vintage clothing in an environment that would bring together a community of fashion, food and flower lovers alike. Madeline personally prides herself on an extensive collection of pre-loved and vintage items as well as a personal belief that one mans trash is another mans treasure. In living by this principle, she aims to help shine a light on recycling and reviving seasoned clothing and accessories, by spreading the word and encouraging the public to join in on the fashion fun! Madeline intends to share the experience and unite the locals of Brisbane with smart shopping, with clothing that tell a story.